Volunteer Application

Thank you for you interest in volunteering with TeslaFest!

We’re looking for an awesome group of people aged 18 years and over. If you’re energetic, enthusiastic, reliable and keen to be involved we’d love to hear from you.

TeslaFest is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and treats all personal information provided with the strictest of confidence.

If you’re applying for a Team Leader or Management position, please email a copy of your CV along with scans of any relevant licenses/ qualifications to our Volunteer Manager.




As a volunteer you are committing to a minimum of hours depending on the team that you join:
10 hours work over the Festival period or 5 hours per day (Friday to Monday)
15 hours of work if you choose a Site Build and Strike Team, Setup and Pack Down Team, Camping Team, The Admin Pool, Festival Site Crew, Pre-Setup Volunteers or Pre-Festival Gate team.


This will be used to organise your roster.

Thursday 25th July – Pre Festival
Friday 26th July – Pre Festival
Saturday 27th July – Festival Weekend
Sunday 28th July – Festival Weekend
Monday 29th July – Post Festival

Time Blocks:
Late Night
All Day
All Night

I agree to:
• Follow the TeslaFest Volunteer Code of Conduct
• Work reliably and in accordance with my job description and instruction from my coordinator or Festival staff
• Advise my Team Manager/Leader/Coordinator at the earliest opportunity if I am unavailable or unable to fulfill a volunteer shift
• Follow rules and procedures, including health and safety and equal opportunity requirements
• Undertake necessary training and discuss any variation of duties or desire to move to another task or team with my Team Manager/ Leader/ Coordinator
• Complete the required rostered hours during the Festival

In exchange I am entitled to receive a weekend entry and camping pass to the Festival, access to volunteer facilities such as The Vollie Lodge and to attend the Volunteer Thank You Shindig.

I understand that if I do not fulfill my part of the agreement (e.g. collect my pass but do not turn up to work my allocated shifts), I will be financially liable for a gate price Weekend Camping ticket to the Festival.

I understand that if I breach the Code of Conduct I may be dismissed for misconduct, escorted from the site, and have future volunteer applications declined.