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+ When is TeslaFest?

Saturday 27th July and Sunday 28th July 2019

+ Where is TeslaFest held?

On the grounds of The Australiana Pioneer Village (APV).  APV is located on Rose Street in Wilberforce, NSW.

+ When do gates open?

Main Entry – Rose Street, 9am Saturday and Sunday.

+ Do I need ID?

To validate your ticket and receive a wristband you’ll need to bring one of the below forms of ID.

– Current valid Australian Driver’s License (with photo)
– Current Passport
– Government Issued Proof of Age Card
– International Driver’s License (with photo)

+ I’m in a wheelchair, can I get around?

Yes, but please bare in mind the site is in a fairly natural state and the ground is uneven in places. Paths around the Village are predominantly hard packed dirt and some heritage buildings are only accessible by stairs. The parking and camping areas are grassed.

For full details of accessibility information, please visit the Accessibility page.

+ Is there camping?

Indeed there is. Please see the Camping section or Camping FAQs below.

+ Is EFTPOS available?

Ticketing and some food and retail vendors in the Maker’s Market will have EFTPOS available, however it will be predominantly cash.

+ Where can I get cash out?

There will be ATMs on site and there is also one located at The Heritage Hotel. Check the Festival Map for locations.

There is a St George ATM at Wilberforce Shopping Centre on King Road and multiple ATMs located around Windsor.

+ What is mobile coverage like?

APV has full 4G Network Access. Call, text, live post, stream and do it for the ‘Gram till your heart’s content.


+ How much are tickets?

You can find ticket prices on the Ticketing page.

+ Can I pre-purchase tickets online?

Yes! You’ll be able to pre-purchase tickets online until 10pm AEST, Friday 26th July. Please have a squiz at the Ticketing page.

+ Are there booking fees and charges?

Yes, but they are super low. Booking fees are $0.50 per ticket. AMEX cards incur a 1.1% fee on top of the total purchase.

+ What are the age limits and ticketing types?

Adult – 18+
Concession – Pensioner, Veteran, Uni/TAFE/College, DHS Health Care Card
Youth | Child – 5 to 17 years
Toddler – 0 to 4 years
Family Bundle – 2 Adult and 2 Youth | Child

+ What ticket do I need?

Single day? You need a Saturday or Sunday ticket under one of the above ticketing types.

Both Days?  You need a Weekend ticket under one of the above ticketing types.

If you’re camping you’ll need either an overnight pass depending on what day you’re attending or a weekend camping pass.

+ Are there ticket discounts?

Absolutely. We keep our ticket prices as low as possible and give as many chances as we can for you to save that coin.  

There are two (2) Early Bird ticketing rounds:

Round 1 Opens – 7pm AEST, 4th March 2019 OPEN
Round 2 Opens – 9am AEST, 13th May 2019  CLOSED

Concession tickets are also available online and at the gate for:
– Pension (Senior and Disability)
– Veterans- DHS Health Care Card (Low Income, Newstart, AUSTUDY, ABSTUDY etc)
– Uni/TAFE/College Students

Primary or High School aged life forms are covered under a Youth|Child ticket. Please remember to bring along their school IDs.

Under 5s are free entry and covered under a Toddler ticket. They still need a pass so remember to include Toddler tickets when purchasing for your teacup humans.

+ Am I able to pay off tickets?

Yes, provided you contact us to set your payment schedule up during Early Bird Round 1 or 2.

Payment Plans open on Monday, 4th March. Final payments must be made by Friday, 5th July.

Head over to the Ticketing page for instructions.

+ I’m unable to attend any longer. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, no. As part of the ticketing terms and conditions no refunds will be made except those required by law.

You can transfer your ticket if the need arises. Please email us.

+ Are there wristbands?

Yes, you’ll receive a wristband corresponding to your ticket type from the Box Office located just before the Festival Entry Gate off Rose Street.

If you’re camping, the Buttsworth Gate is where you exchange your ticket for a wristband. This is not a general entry gate, please use the Rose Street Gate if you aren’t camping.

Treat your wristband like a sacred object. You can’t replace them.


+ Where do I park?

Public parking is available at the end of Rose Street. It’s grassed and reasonably flat with a hard packed thoroughfare.

Please make sure to listen to direction from the parking wardens and have gold coin handy as it will constitute your parking ‘fee’.

If you’re dropping off or picking up, follow the signs and/or direction from traffic wardens.

Please do not park in the reserved parking areas.

Participants will be advised where to park via email.


+ When can I get into my camp site to set up?

Weekend and Friday Night Camping: Friday, 26th July – Caravans and RVs from 1pm. Tent campers from 2pm.

Saturday Night Camping: Caravans and RVs from 9am. Tent campers from 10am

+ What time do camping arrivals close?

Please don’t arrive after 11pm on Friday or Saturday. You will not be permitted access to the festival grounds.

+ Do I get to pick my own spot?

Yes, provided you keep your camp spread to a minimum as there is limited space and take note of any direction from camp wardens that may be issued.

+ Are there powered sites?

Sorry, no.

+ Am I able to save space for friends coming in another car?

No. If you’re part of a convoy you all need to arrive together. This will make everyone’s check in process easier and allow us to utilise the space in the camp grounds as efficiently as possible.

+ Can I bring a caravan or RV?

Yes, provided you follow the Caravan and RV arrival and set up guidelines.

If you arrive outside stated times you will not be admitted into the camp grounds as there won’t be enough room for you to drive or maneuver your rig safely.

If you have a caravan you will need to setup then park your vehicle in the designated campers parking within the Rose Street Parking Area. No exceptions.

+ Can my car stay in the camp site once set up?

No. Due to limited space you will need to set up, then park at the designated campers parking within the Rose Street Parking Area. No exceptions.

+ Can I just sleep in my car?

No. If you’re caught sleeping in the Public Car Park you will be evicted from site.

+ Am I allowed to bring a camp stove or oven?

As APV is heritage listed we have strict fire safety requirements. Camp stoves and ovens can only use gas. No open flame is permitted.

There are also barbecues on site for your use.

+ Will I be okay to leave valuables in my tent?

While we expect everyone to be honest and look out for each other we cannot guarantee the safety of your valuable items. Please plan accordingly to bring only what you need.

+ Are there showers and toilets?

Yes. Showers and Toilets are located near the lake jetty and adjacent to the wagon sheds.

+ Will there be security at the camp grounds?

Yes, there will be roving security for the duration of the festival as well as camp wardens at the camp grounds around the clock.

+ Can I bring a generator?

Yes, but it must be shut down by 10pm for noise curfew.

+ Can I bring alcohol into the camp ground?

No. There is no alcohol on site. If you’d like a tipple, we recommend The Heritage Hotel just outside the front gates.

+ Can I bring food and water?

Yes. Please keep in mind open flame and alcohol restrictions.

+ Can I access my car once in the reserved campers parking?

Absolutely. As long as you have your wristband you’re able to access your vehicle from 8am to 8pm when gates are unlocked and locked respectively.

If there is an emergency and you need to get to your vehicle, a Camp Warden will be able to assist you.

+ How far is the camp ground from the car park?

Approximately 400 metres from camp ground to parking area via the main entry.


+ Can I apply to be a volunteer at TeslaFest?

Yes, have a gander at the Volunteers page.

+ What do I receive in exchange for volunteering?

– A Weekend Entry & Camping Pass
– Entry to The Vollie Lounge; free tea, coffee and water with meals covered Friday Dinner through Sunday Lunch  
– Access to all night time events and Vollie Thank You Party
– A Certificate of Recognition
– A Bloody Good Time!

+ What does it cost me to volunteer?

Only some of your time

+ Can I work with friends?

Certainly! Just make sure to request each other on your application form. While we do try our best, we can’t always guarantee it.

+ Oh no! I’ve missed my shift?!

No exceptions on this one: If you miss your shift, you pay for your ticket at gate price and will be blacklisted from future events.

If it’s an emergency or you’re proper ill (a hangover from up the Heritage doesn’t count) please contact your Team Leader or Coordinator ASAP. If you can’t, have a friend call or drop into the Vollie Lodge to let us know.


+ Who do I call about issues? What are you doing about traffic, noise and rubbish?

TeslaFest Management will be visiting surrounding homes and properties individually and well as doing a letterbox drop with all relevant contact numbers and information within a 2km radius of the site.

We have multiple management plans in place to mitigate disruption during the festival period including:

– Our traffic management plan to limit issues on Rose Street, Buttsworth Lane and Wilberforce Road
– Green Team to manage waste and litter pre, during and post festival
– An amplified and mechanical sound curfew of 10pm along with an acoustic management plan to ensure amplified sound is directed away from residential areas and decibel limited after 6pm.

+ Can I get a free ticket because I live so close to the venue?

Residents who live within the event zone will be offered a local resident price. Eligible residents will be contacted directly by TeslaFest Management.