Fallen Heroes Costume Competition

Like other costume / cosplay competitions, this one will bring together the art and skill of costume makers, prop builders and cosplayers alike.

Although TeslaFest is run in association with Steampunk Australasia, the competition will be open to all genres of style. From Steampunk to Anime, all are welcome to enter and participate in this special memorial competition.

This event was originally created in memory of two very well known and loved cosplayers, Justin Costello and Paul Kerr, who sadly passed away at a very young age.

Three more names have since been inscribed in the Hall of Fallen Heroes:

Patrick McDermott, Brook Charlie Johansen and Paul Fardouly.

They are strongly remembered for their kind acts of compassion, dedication to the art, support to the less fortunate and to the cosplay community at large. Fallen Heroes is held in their honour.



Sharingan Siren Cosplay is a Sydney based cosplayer, who has been cosplaying for 4 years. She commonly portrays both male and female characters from popular anime, comic books, TV shows, movies and video games.

She prides herself on cosplay positivity and co-operation within the cosplay community. Her hard work has landed her with her work appearing on AMC’s official social media pages and her picture in multiple international publications.

She has judged several local cosplay competitions as well as hosted on one occasion.

Follow her at:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sharingansirencosplay
Instagram: @sharingansiren_cosplay


Wolf Lord Works Props is a Sydney based Prop Master and Veteran Cosplayer with 24+ years experience under his belt. Starting out at Star Trek Cons, the natural progression was made to prop building with a Starfleet Phaser Rifle (TNG & First Contact) which then led to consistent prop work in Indie and Fan Films over the last 15 years.

As a Prop Master and Veteran Cosplayer, Wolf Lord Works Props has taken competition titles at Ironfest 2016, Oran Con 2 and Goulburn Con, hosted workshops at EB Games, Ingleburn Library and from his own workshop (EVA Build, Latex Prosthesis, Mould Making, Fiber Glassing) and has sat on the judges panel for Winterfest Cosplay Competition since 2017.

Memorable characters include:
40k Space Wolf – Wolf Lord Armour (Largest build to date)
Deathwatch Space Marine
Titanfall 2 Pulse Blade Pilot
Steampunk Airship Captain
Colonel Stars & Stripes

Memorable prop/prosthetic builds include:
X-Men Mystique prosthesis
8ft Werewolf
Human Predator Mother & Son

Follow Wolf Lord Works Props at:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WolfLordWorks/


Tarla Trent inc. has been cosplaying for the past four years and is based in Sydney, NSW blending her love of dressing up and being creative with her skills and background as a makeup artist, model and performer.

She has a passion for crafting and bringing her favourite characters to life, with almost all her cosplays being made from scratch. Cosplay is her life and she commits most of her time to the hobby and the community that it encompasses, fulfilling a desire to not only create the best and most authentic work she can, but also to build friendships and relationships with others who share her passions. 

Follow Tarla Trent inc. at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TarlaTrentInc/


Paul Quinton is a NSW based costumer, connoisseur of scones and gentleman about town.

“I started costuming in 2002, but took it up on a regular basis in 2005. I was originally (and still am) a Star Wars costumer, but in time I have branched out into other genres such as Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian and Steampunk costumes.

Whilst I can confess to not necessarily being the most skillful of costumers, I have dabbled in many different aspects of the creative process and have gained a pretty keen eye as to what makes a great costume. 

Steampunk has become a passion for me since 2012 and I enjoy the ever expanding environment that it encompasses. 

It also gives me a great opportunity to use all of this excess facial hair!”


There are 3 categories awarded for Seniors (16+) and Juniors in 2019:

Best In Show
Best Craftsmanship
Judge’s Choice

The judges will be focusing on presentation, craftsmanship and creativity. Entrants portraying a particular character are actively encouraged to be in character. Maximum effort!

Both age groups are capped to 25 entrants.

Junior entrants may register on Saturday 27th July at the registration tables.
Seniors (16+) must register using the button below.

Online registration closes at midnight 25th July 2019.

If there are places left, entrants may sign up on Saturday at the registration tables. Listen out for announcements about this from The Librarian.

See you on stage!