Costume Competition

Like other costume / cosplay competitions, this one will bring together the art and skill of costume makers, prop builders and cosplayers alike.

Although TeslaFest is run in association with Steampunk Australasia, the competition will be open to all genres of style.

From Steampunk to Anime, all are welcome to enter and participate in this special memorial competition.

This event was originally created in memory of two very well known and loved cosplayers, Justin Costello and Paul Kerr, who sadly passed away at a very young age, but they are strongly remembered for their kind acts of compassion and support to the less fortunate and also to the cosplay community at large.

Respectfully, three other person’s have been added for remembrance, also known for their dedication to the art and compassion for their fellow human beings:

Patrick McDermott, Brook Charlie Johansen and Paul Fardouly.

Categories for the competition will be announced in the coming weeks as sponsors and prizes are finalised. So keep an eye on the TeslaFest Facebook Page and this website for more details.