Sleepy Hollow Campground – TeslaFest’s home away from home. There may be headless horsemen, we don’t know. Anything can happen. There will be Spartans patrolling the camp grounds however, so best behaviour please.

Bring your tents, yurts, tipis, caravans, campers and RVs. The only thing we ask is that you park your car in the reserved campers area located in the public carpark post set up as we need to utilise space in Sleepy Hollow as efficiently as possible.

We absolutely encourage dressing up and decorating your camp site, just make sure to keep your site spread to a minimum.

You can most definitely camp with friends provided you arrive together in a convoy as you can’t reserve campsites.

Please don’t light any open fires as APV is heritage listed. Gas camp stoves are permitted and there are public barbecues available should one be so inclined.

Silent generators are permitted, but be mindful of where the exhaust is pointed and that it is not located irritatingly close to someone else’s camp site. Generators need to be shut down during noise curfew from 10pm to 7am.

Remember that it is Winter, so plan accordingly for warmth as temperatures drop into low single digits overnight during July in Wilberforce. Also plan for changeable weather conditions, high winds and rain. There’s no such thing as being over prepared.

Sleepy Hollow is close to potable water, toilets and showers, security and Camp Wardens.

Please read the Camping Terms and Conditions below:

Look out for one another, be kind, don’t judge and make friends with your neighbours.

Ticketing Tip! If camping, you need to purchase both a Camping Ticket and a Festival Ticket. A Camping Ticket by itself does not grant you access to the Festival.